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Kids and Family Podcasts

Hey Boys and Girls! Today we are going to talk about some of the best podcasts out there for kids. When you go camping sometimes you have to drive a long way. Sometimes you have a long bus ride to school each day in the fall. Maybe while you’re waiting for your sister to get out of practice you have some time to listen to a podcast.

It gives you a chance to learn something new while you’re looking out the window in the car. It gives you something fun to listen to with your mom and dad on the way to the grocery store. You can laugh along with some of our favorite hosts and maybe it will give you topics to explore with your family. You might learn some things about your parents or cousins or grandpa you never knew when a conversation is sparked by a podcast!

So Alex do you have a podcast that you like to listen to to share and do you want to tell us why you like it?

ALEX: Can I say 2? Can I say 2? I can’t just pick one.


Well, I love to listen to Five Minutes with Dad with Pavlos and Angela! They’re Fun! Angela’s always distracting her dad and talking about different things and she always wants to go run off and get things from her room or backpack. And Pavlos is really smart, he has great idea and we like to read the same books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

I love to listen to Nick and Pavlos and Angela too! Their dad is always so fun, I can’t help but smiling every time I here them together. What’s your other podcast you like Alex, but I think I already know the answer.

Highlights Hangout For kids podcast

I like Highlights Hangout for Kids!

I knew it!

And why do you like that so much?

I like the way the kids call in and share jokes! And tongue twisters! And they are from all over the US!

I like Highlights Hangout too! It also makes me laugh a lot!

April what is your favorite podcast?

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Podast

I like the Podcast Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. I like the way I learn about a real girl who grew up to be someone important and they are smart girls too! Also, I always find out about all these things I never knew you could be and things you could do, like Wangari Maathai who planted trees all over Africa and Harriet Tubman who helped ran the Underground Railroad.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Facebook Page

I thought you were going to be the girl Pirate April? 

Yes, I love the Pirate, I love her princess dress.

I thought the princess dress was the computer scientist? 

Oh, yeah! That’s who I want to be! Who are your favorite podcasts Mrs. Beyer?

Well, one of the first ones is a podcast I listened to when I first started podcasting. Sadie Bean’s

Sadie Bean Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

Oh, yeah I like that podcast I love her storyland, and jokes, and music and all the fun things on her show.

She has lots of fun stories, she always has those dance moves.


Yes, and she Skyped with my class when we were reading her book A Dream Inside a Dream. We read it in my classroom, I made a great quiz for it you can download for $1.99 at my teachers pay teachers site. 

I thought you said she was just a girl how did she write a story?

Well, in November every year there is a contest challenge for writers to complete a short novel in a month and she was going to homeschool and she did it and we loved it so she skyped with my 2nd graders.

I do have to share one more I have to say I love it’s one of my all time favorite podcasts.


Pat Flynn and his son Keoni do a great job teaching kids about Entrepreneurship in their show All of your Beeswax! They talk about school and how to run a business for kids!

Then we’re gonna play Win It in A Minute!

You can play along with the puppets and animals at Montana Bear School and win a prize if you get them all right. Mrs. Beyer and the animals will model for you and with practice you should be able to get them correct! We will have lots of challenges for students of grades k-6.

Number Sense

Confidence in math comes from having strong Number Sense.

I received some of the best number sense training in the country. If you spend 5 minutes a day practicing these 5 minute to win it mental math games you will gain automaticity with numbers. In the beginning you might just want to follow along as Mrs. Beyer and the puppets and animals at Montana Bear School model for you but if you practice any child should develop fluency in mathematics.

The math challenges will also be posted on the authentic learner podcast and in the google classroom.

Task 11 ~ You Have, I Have +1

So your number + 1 = my number

If I have 10, you have? 9


If I have 20, you have? 19

19 +1 = 20

It’s just like a backward subtraction problem.

Enter Today!

While you’re waiting I recommend you order a 100s chart from Amazon or buy one at Lakeshore today!

I highly recommend you get a 100’s chart for practice at home. Worth every penny!


Just go to to learn how to enter!


Minute To Win It Challenge Form

Minute to Win It Challenge Form Record Sheet


Boys and girls I hope you had fun today and you also learned something new! Join us again for episode two of the Authentic Learner Podcast!

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