Google Classroom | Authentic Learner 101

In the Google Classroom you will have the opportunity to participate in Our Number Sense Minute To Win It Daily Math challenges, participate in learning opportunities, have access to the Awesome Science Action Club and so much more!

Here’s an example of a kindergarten lesson in finding the letters of your name the VERY First step in reading:


After learning the names of letters students will want to learn the sounds letters make. The100 Days To Teach Your Child To Read Words and Sentences is a great place to start.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

If you have an older student you might be interested in Phonics For Reading


You can order a used copy of an older model on amazon here if you are working at home alone.

In the Google Classroom you’ll have access to enhancement lessons your child can practice and get more confidence as they learn from a systematic approach.

You’ll also get to complete learning opportunities like this Camping Unit that includes activities for students of all ages.

Here’s an example of a phonics enhancement lesson.


Here are some confidence building math lessons for students who struggle with number sense:

Here’s an example of 2nd grade math at Montana Bear School. WE haven’t put many math lessons up on the authentic learner website yet.

Join other authentic learners around the country in the Authentic Learner 101 Google Classroom.

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