Welcome back to the Alex and April Show!

We’re excited to talk about camping today!

We would like to know what are your favorite camping foods? You can comment below, you can use #MRSBEYER on Instagram or tag me on Instagram or post it on the Authentic Teacher Facebook page or always in the Google Classroom.


Story Time

Today I read from the Song The Teddy Bear’s Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy, illustrations by Alexandra Day.


Teddy Bears' Picnic Jimmy Kennedy

Then we’re gonna play Win It in A Minute!

You can play along with the puppets and animals at Montana Bear School and win a prize if you get them all right. Mrs. Beyer and the animals will model for you and with practice you should be able to get them correct! We will have lots of challenges for students of grades k-6.

Aled and April Show Podcast

Introducing the Alex and April show!

Number Sense

Confidence in math comes from having strong Number Sense.

I received some of the best number sense training in the country. If you spend 5 minutes a day practicing these 5 minute to win it mental math games you will gain automaticity with numbers. In the beginning you might just want to follow along as Mrs. Beyer and the puppets and animals at Montana Bear School model for you but if you practice any child should develop fluency in mathematics.

Task 2 ~ Skip Counting

Here’s an example of skip counting. If your child can count along for a minute without making a mistake enter to win a prize.

We will start on 0 today, but then we will start on 1, so starting on 1, skip counting by 2s will make 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … and it just keeps getting harder. By the time students get up to 31 or 81 they are really starting to add. We would make a goal of getting to 150 or something each day, depending on how good they were doing.

ENTER to win

If your child says the math challenge of the day and makes no mistakes you can submit our form to win a prize. We will make sure there are challenges for all levels. You can go at your own pace and download the right challenge for you!

Win It in A Minute Challenge Record Sheet

Minute to Win It Challenge Form Record Sheet

You can enter your email to be notified when the podcast launches and the contests start.  

Enter Today!

While you’re waiting I recommend you order a 100s chart from Amazon or buy one at Lakeshore today!

I highly recommend you get a 100’s chart for practice at home. Worth every penny!


Just go to to learn how to enter!


Minute To Win It Challenge Form

Minute to Win It Challenge Form Record Sheet


Boys and girls I hope you had fun today and you also learned something new! Join us again for episode two of the Authentic Learner Podcast!

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